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For any internet marketer, the start is always fraught with danger. Even in the most lucrative of niches. There is the fear that the venture would not succeed. The Super Affiliate System is a learning series which aims to help the new internet marketer to a successful start. It not only teaches the dos and don’t, but it also helps the new associate or JV get over a failure.

Taking the Course

The Super Affiliate System course is designed around Nutriceuticals and high volume niches. The program gets you started fast and with a lot of motivation. It builds upon that motivation with the use of a logical series of steps. The course is not just handholding; it is also a lot of baby steps. The course designers understand that internet marketing and affiliate marketing systems are hard to understand for beginners who have no business experience.

The course itself also differentiates between real-world brick-and-mortar traditional businesses and online affiliate marketing. It is easy to see that there are a lot of fundamental differences and that these differences can become hurdles in the marketer’s mindset.

The course is built around videos which teach the concept in bite-size segments. Each video also references prior videos, and serves as a review or refresher for those which came before it. This reinforces the earlier lessons and makes it more understandable. Admittedly, there are a lot of reiteration of lessons and keywords. This is in line with how other videos and podcasts work, reinforcing is an important part of the online video course.

Subjects for the Marketer

Most of the subjects on the Super Affiliate System are also covered by other affiliate system training courses. If you have taken a prior course, you would be familiar with the terminologies and concepts behind an affiliate program.

There are modules which the participant may find particularly interesting only because they don’t know how to do it. The Advanced Copywriting Techniques is one subject which a lot of participants will find daunting. However, it also happens to be a cornerstone of a successful website.

This is because Google puts special attention to content. They scrutinize the website, what it is saying and how it is saying it. If the site is spammy, or if the articles are not of good quality, the website ranking would go down. This is where copywriting skills are most needed. Unfortunately, normal people including marketers are not writers. Their normal style of writing would not pass Google’s standards. This is where the module tries to help. Regular article writing is hard as it is. Writing for marketing copy (copywriting) is even harder. Not all good writers would even attempt to write marketing copy. That is how important this module is.

Meeting Failure Headon

What is unique about the course is that mid-way, it handles failure. It accepts failure or the possibility of failure as part of the course, explains why it happens, and then uses it to create a successful venture. This module is a big departure from other training courses. Whereas other courses would say that failure is not an option, admitting that failure can and does happen, and that it can be advantageous is a radical concept.

The module explains why people fail in affiliate marketing. It also uses examples and discussion on getting over failure or the thought of failure and then succeeding. This module is like teaching a kid how to ride a bike. You would expect the child to fall down while learning to ride. Getting the child to ride again, and understanding that falling is normal is what the module hopes to attain. This module (and the one about copywriting) is worth the price of admission.


The Super Affiliate System course has sections for techniques which have been proven to work. Of course, these techniques have been used by other marketers, including the founders and creators of SAS. What is noticeable about these techniques is that they are more limited than sets of techniques as discussed in other marketing courses. These have been distilled and condensed to use up less time and effort compared to other systems. There is also more emphasis on getting potential customers rather than to be visible where the customers are located.

This approach works on an intellectual level because it teaches the newbie marketer the reasons for using these techniques. It also does not dwell on chasing after Google and other search engine rankings which can make the marketer feel like a hamster on his wheel. Although these may seem like basic, these techniques can also be used across different niches with good chances of success. What is important is understanding the techniques, and the concepts, and making it a habit.


There are only three channels included in the discussion. Facebook ads, Google ads, and native advertising. For a rookie marketer having three channels can be overwhelming. Having these three is almost the bare minimum for an effective campaign. Facebook and Google are the biggest sources of referrals on the web. The others work best for specific strategies and niches.

Each channel has its module where their use is discussed. There is also an additional module where advanced Facebook ad techniques are discussed. This shows the importance SAS puts on Facebook. With only three channels to put up, there is a more efficient workflow, and the user can focus on more important things, like content and copywriting.

Case Studies

Although not unique in itself, the use of case studies is not very common. This learning tool is very helpful especially for those who have had management experience, a corporate background or those who have gone through management school. It shows the “real-life” situations which require an objective view of the facts and the situation. For those who have not encountered internet marketing before, this learning technique enables a brief glimpse of how things come together. It also allows a free rein for the participant to use what he has learned.

It is also noteworthy that there is more than one case study. This allows the participant who has never encountered a case study to understand how this teaching tool works. It also helps to show in practice that there is no single correct way to make a management decision.

Overall Assessment

The Super Affiliate System course is comprehensive, engaging, and interactive. It also shows more than just the mechanics of going through the system. As a learning tool, it is complete, and can be used for a variety of internet marketing niches.

On the downside, it may be quite boring after a while, mainly due to the relatively large number of modules. Additionally, this may not be for all types of participants, especially those who might have an information overload due to the huge amount of information which is needed to understand fully the topics.

However, for newbies who are interested to learn and are willing to invest the time and patience to learn really affiliate marketing, the Super Affiliate System is golden.


John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System Bonus


John studied at South Methodist University between the years of 2006 and 2008. He graduated with a BS in Business. He was on a $14,000 yearly scholarship. While in the institution he was part of the Honors Program and was privileged to study an entire semester in SMU’s Taos campus in New Mexico.

After graduating from South Methodist University (SMU), he was admitted to California State University in Northridge where he studied between the years of 2008- 2010. He graduated with a BS in Marketing. At the university John took part in the activities of the entrepreneurship club. He was also a member of the College Republicans and the fraternity of Phi Delta Theta.

John Crestani founded Nutryst in October 2012. This is a network that links health-conscious clients with natural products that address the issue or ailment.
Crestani was a director of an online advertising company for a year and a few months. In this position, he was responsible for over 15 million advertisement budget, numerous advertisement networks, employees and clients.

Crestani also worked as a marketing consultant for eLocal listing. He trained a team of 7 members on developing a landing page and profit generation. He was there for a couple of months.
John served as a SEM analyst and in ecommerce management where he helped in optimizing the presence of clients in comparison shopping engines (CSEs) like Bing Shopping, Amazon and Shopzilla among others.

John also worked in Los Angeles in a similar capacity where he managed SEO campaigns for over 1500 clients. He consulted clients on online strategy and helped them change their keyword selection, advertising and reduce CPAs.
The Super Affiliate Course

This is a course that is cut out for a beginner as well as other more experienced marketers who are interested in securing a steady income. This 12 week comprehensive course was developed by Crestani to enable people horn their skills in internet marketing. The more experienced professional is not left out, but he/she also stands to acquire a mastery of buying media. Media buying generates buyer traffic and in turn promises steady cash flow. Advertisement networks, for instance Facebook, are paid to aid with the generation of clients thus.
Contents of the Course

The contents of the online course include roughly 50 hours of learning through marketing videos and campaigns that are ready to launch. These come with advertisements, targets, landing pages and offers. These are templates that are designed to make it easier for the students to start their own campaigns. The materials are delivered weekly allowing the students amble time to go through the material and internalize the content on a weekly basis. By the end of the 12 weeks one is able to launch a successful online campaign. The 12 week break down of the course is as follows:
Week 1- Students learn the process of setting up domains, hosting and click tracking all of which are important in creating a firm success foundation as a marketer.

Week 2- Here students are taught multiple tools and resources and affiliate verticals that are essential in propelling a campaign and eventually an enterprise.
Week 3- Here the students are taught the ins and outs of Facebook advertising since this is the most successful advertising network.

Week 4- During the course of this week more about Facebook advertising is learnt with the aid of case studies.
Week 5- Here more case studies are sent with primacy being on native advertisement networks

Week 6- During the course of the sixth week students are taught about copy writing. The techniques taught here are invaluable to the individual campaigns the students eventually undertake in the real world.
Week 7- Here the use of landing pages is learnt as well as how to find them

Week 8- More case studies are released with the focus being on automating tasks via outsourcing. Students are also taught research techniques.
Week 9-12- During these last weeks, students will be polishing what has been learnt by trying to establish their own campaigns.

Advantages of the Course
Students get to learn from the master himself: John Crestani who is Nutryst’s chief executive officer. Although it may seem like a bunch of lessons on PowerPoint, it is actually a rare opportunity to see how John sets up campaigns and optimizes them with the data he has tracked. This is an opportunity to learn how to improve your earnings as well.

Students are provided with campaigns that are ready to launch and this puts them on the road to almost instant success. As the course is also modeled to consider beginners, it is possible that after the twelve weeks a student can achieve success provided he/she is hardworking and committed. John allows students to run offers through his private network which is a great learning experience.

This systems course is quite pricy, going at $5000, for the ordinary individual to afford. The course alone does not guarantee success; it is just a means to a desired end. There is a lot of work to be done creating campaigns and establishing tracking systems. One also has to invest more money into launching a campaign and its optimization as well. A monthly budget of $ 3000 up to $5000 is needed for adverts.
It is important to note from the onset that if money will be difficult to come by, it is not wise to undertake the course. As indicated above one will spend more than just the course fee in the pursuit of mastering the affiliate system and profiting from it. However, for interested students who are able to raise the course fee and other sums on the road to a successful campaign launch, this is the course for you.




The first part of this content is designed for two reasons. First, I am here to define the course and speak about what it is. The second part goes over what the course includes.


This is a 12 week course. It’s for two types of people. The first type is those who are just starting out in the marketing world. It’s also for those who are more advanced. The more advanced marketers can use this course to brush up on their skills and advance to the next level.

Beginners can use this course to become skilled with internet marketing. The skilled affiliates can use this course to become savvy with media buying. This involves media buying for different paid media networks, places like Facebook and Twitter.


There are over 50 hours worth of marketing videos, all designed by John himself. There is also comprehensive training on everything, as well as ready to launch page information. The ready to launch pages include ads, placement, offers, landing pages and targets. This all serves as you own template for your own creation. This way you can get started on your own campaigns very quickly and make a nice profit.

Every week you will get formats delivered to you. It will be on a Monday through Friday basis. Every day you will have tasks to accomplish. Along with these tasks you will also have videos to watch.

This is all designed to keep you focused on the end result. If you apply yourself and do everything John tells you to do, you can be on the track for success in no time. Now this is not a “fast track” thing. This takes lots of work. You really have to apply yourself.
If you are looking for some kind of “get rich scheme”, this is not it.

Below is breakdown of the weeks and what you need to do.

WEEK ONE: You will get acquainted with setting up your domains, learn about hosting and clicking. Week one is about building a simple foundation for the weeks ahead.

WEEK TWO:You will learn about verticals and the tools to build your business.

WEEK THREE:This one is all about using Facebook for your advertising. Consider this the centerfold for your advertising needs and resources.

WEEK FOUR:This also about Facebook and beginning your campaign studies.

WEEK FIVE: This week’s focus is campaign and a walk-through for your ad networks.

WEEK SIX:This week is all about copy-writing and the tools associated with it. This week’s training will either make or break your business. This week is one of the more crucial elements of the course.

WEEK SEVEN:This week is all about the right and wrong way to use landing pages. You will learn how to find the right ones to use too.

WEEK EIGHT:This is all about outsourcing and how to properly do it. You will learn how to get faster. You will have some more case studies too, so be prepared.

WEEKS 9-12:The last few weeks will be about improving your campaigns. You will also learn how to use all the tools you have at your disposal to better yourself.


I am writing this content specifically for those who have signed on with the John Crestani Affiliate Programs and are using it right now.

Below I have some of the more common questions asked, along with the answers. I am hoping this content will help some of you out who are having issues with the affiliate program.


The short-hand answer to this is yes. While you are learning the skills for data analysis and copy-writing, you need to stick with one location. Once you have mastered the skills necessary you can than move on.


The best answer is work your way up. Begin with the first week and go no from there. It will not make sense to concentrate on the third week, when you have not even done weeks one and two.


The answer to this is no. If you do not understand why, please watch the videos. Every campaign is broken down in the videos. Pay attention because John will lay out everything you need the first time around.


We only accept new people when we can handle them. We only accept new people when there is a need for them. Until you see something indicating this message, do not send anything in.


Usually it’s the landing page only. Next question please.


We suggest doing the skin and skincare stuff first. Some like to look at the diet end of things. We advise against doing this right away. There are a great deal of criminal advertisers out there. This one gets a great deal of scrutiny. Stick with the skin care.


To show any success with your company, you must know how to market your products or services successfully. Without a successful marketing plan, your business will not grow and prosper. There are other issues involved you must realize and meet before you can say you have a successful business venture. You must be a visionary, a quality marketer, an explorer, and be obsessive about your business venture. You must have a connection to someone who you can mentorship with to learn how to become all of these things.

One such master marketer and copywriter is John Crestani. Crestani formulated a successful coaching program called Super Affiliate System. This award-winning high marketing system guarantees to teach you how to market your business successfully using the highest technologies in the marketplace today and learn how to live life to the fullest, enjoying what you do while earning a substantial living.

This system enables those who are willing to learn, to glean inside knowledge on how to create a successful business. You learn that when you set your goals, you let nothing stop you in the process of living life to the fullest through becoming an activist in pushing your success to the limits of what it was the day before and continuing this road to immense success.

This system teaches you that there is a vast and varied path to success, and there are massive doors of opportunity just waiting for you to enter. You will learn new skills to market and continue to sell by creating bigger marketing successes. John Crestani started out at the young age of 20-years to place his mark on the marketing world by surrounding himself with family and friends, experiencing the world, and marketing for companies with ultimate successes.

Crestani is the CEO and owner of his affiliate marketing network called Nuryst. Being an entrepreneur opens the doors of opportunity to become one of the best CEO’s and marketing of your company. This learning process is vital and necessary in the business arena. It also helps to travel a great deal, meet new friends, and experience other cultures.

Crestani, based out of Los Angeles, California received his education in internet marketing and business from California State University-Northridge and at Southern Methodist University. Crestani entered into the Internet world of marketing by working with a few different companies as an Internet marketing consultant and SEO analyst. This experience led Crestani to start his own business.

Many have no doubt heard about pay per click advertising, SEO, marketing through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and conversion optimization. Crestai gathered up all of his experience and skills and put them to work helping others with business startups. One thing that Crestani fully believes in is motivation. If you do not have the motivation, you will never reach the level of success you desire. Crestai is known for his self-motivation and his motivation to help others succeed.

Entrepreneurs build a business on strong ideas, and the Internet can make these ideas come alive through hard work and the motivation to succeed. Entrepreneurs create a company that they believe in and love to work at every day. Successful entrepreneurs are eager to get up in the morning and get the day started. The work of an entrepreneur should be fun and enjoyable. Crestai teaches that people get tired of working for employers and the appointed goals of individual employers.

An entrepreneur longs to realize individualized success. It is much nicer to work on your goals and successes in your life, not someone else’s life. If you dare to dream, you can fulfill your expectations.

You may not discover what you want out of life until you have taken several pathways and then you start to deduct what you know you do not wish to do for the rest of your life.

Crestai believes in the travel industry and that every entrepreneur needs to go and discover the power of visiting with other cultures. There is no other way you can explore other cultures, what people are striving for, or what other people believe in if you do not discover these things first hand.

The one thing that helps an entrepreneur’s business to grown is learning how effective networking works. Passing out business cards is a good thing to do, but is only a minuscule part of the equation for successful marketing strategies.

The most important thing is to learn your industry and all the people associated with your industry. By networking and connecting with a specialized group of individuals with the same interests as you, you can take away from this experience an abundance of information. The first-hand experience of other cultures and ideas is a valuable learning process and one of the most important things you can do to make your company thrive.

As a last note, become inspired to be all you can be. This inspiration can come from a person, place, or thing. An inspiration you believe in helping you to grow and prosper. When things do not seem to be going as well as you might expect, you can turn to your inspiration for a refueling of motivation and direction.

John Crestai is ready to teach you, a new or seasoned entrepreneur, the facts for successful Internet marketing skills, motivate you when your motivation is waning, and help make you excited again about your business endeavors.

The Nuryst System helps you to get on the right pathway towards a successful company showing continued growth in profits. Sometimes all you, need is a boost in self-esteem, to regain an obsessiveness about your business to take ownership again, a love of your business, and a desire to get going with renewed spirit and motivation. Christie teaches you a new enlightenment through refreshing new ideas in technologies to give your company the boost it needs to get out of its slump. The Nuryst System places you back on the road towards a successful business.


John Crestani, an entrepreneur and marketing genesis, studied Business at Southern Methodist University in 2006 and graduated in 2008 then he took Marketing at California State University right after and graduate in 2010. He has since been has had several different marketing jobs for example he worked as a STEM Analyst for a little over a year for two companies. He then became the director of How Handy is That, LLC and in October of 2012, he founded Nutryst. He recently launched a new company called Super Affiliate System in 2015.

Nutryst is a direct-response online marketing focused agency, solely focused on international foods and beauty products. This company is designed to help people cure their problems using organic materials. So it helps people and the economy at the same time. It is the only network that offers revenue-sharing on nutraceutical products. It is aiming to making the world a better place using internet marketing.

Super Affiliate System provides a 12-week course with over 50 hours of Affiliate training. The training consists of videos that help you become a better internet marketer. Each week is devoted to different parts of the internet. Whether you are starting off as a beginner in this industry or are already an experienced internet marketer, this course will help you create a better network for your business. Taking it higher than you would have ever imagined and taking it even further.

In starting in the 1st week of the 12-week course, you will learn how to set-up your host, domains, and create a solid foundation for success as an affiliate marketer. 2nd week consists of learning about the different tools and resources that can help launch your business. The 3rd week is all about Facebook advertising. The company is providing so much during this week that they insist on you taking a lot of notes. The 4th week is more Facebook training along with the same case studies to help you have a more visual effect. The 5th week consists of campaign ads and working with native ad networks. The 6th week consists of ensure that everything you need to start with a copy write. Week 7 is all about finding and using land pages. Week 8 is about learning how to begin automating things through proper outsources. They will also show you about the effective research techniques to make sure that you are up to speed. Weeks 9-12 are to make sure that all the goals over the past 8 weeks have been met and help you with improvement.

They also have a member only forum that allows members to post videos about their businesses. The member only forum also allows newer members to communicate with the older members and ask them advice about any problems that they may have. There is a group called Skype Mastermind, this group is a think tank for affiliates to put their ideas together and learn about new ideas. You can also use this group as a way to associate with other Super Affiliates. They also recommend that you spend about at least $3-5K a month on ads for your company.

To take the 12-week course there is a price to find out more about the price and the company itself, check out his webinar at (http://johncrestani.com/step3). I will tell you that the webinar is an hour long and you should make sure to have paper and pencil with you during it. John and his team are very supportive of everyone who takes the 12-week course and are willing to answer any questions that anyone may have about the course itself. This 12-week course is a business and Mr. Crestani takes his businesses very seriously, so you can bet that he will be there to help out as much as he can. While this new business was just recently launched it has created a lot of buzz in the marketing industry, because John is taking a more personal approach to helping other potential marketing personnel.

This company is about making the most of what your products by helping you learn how to advertise them. The Super Affiliates helps you find the best ways to help you spend your marketing budget appropriately. There is just so much that goes into marketing if you are able to connect with someone like John Crestani, you need to keep in contact with that person. Crestani is trying to help other marketers become better marketers by show what they have done wrong, what they can do to fix their mistakes and to make their business work for them versus them working for their business. He helps you make better decisions about the things that you promote and shows you how to promote it better.

There are so many different websites about John Crestani and the Super Affiliates as well as the other companies that he has created and promoted. Sometimes it seems like they are all connected in some way. Every marketing company always some type of gimmick that they are trying to sell you but John Crestani’s company is really there to help you have a better career at business and marketing. Even his Facebook page motivates people to get up and campaign more. He has a favorite saying “My belief is to always be learning more about the world or pushing myself beyond where I was yesterday”. He travels a lot and feels that traveling helps push you beyond what you are capable of. He has been to Switzerland, Italy, Las Vegas, the Swiss Alps and so many other places. He really believes that if you help others you will something good back. It is amazing to see someone who believes in so many others.